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Visible Learning

Our school's teaching and learning programs are dynamic, showing evidence of revisions based on feedback and student progress. Students play an active role in evaluating their learning.

To ensure learning is seen and obvious for our students, teachers at NPS

  • embed structured student goal setting practices that involve student, teacher and parent input.
  • provide learning intentions and success criteria on a daily basis, allowing students "to know what they are learning, why they are learning it, how they will know they have learned it, and what it means to have learned” (John Hattie)
  • expand processes for feedback and program specific time for students to reflect on and implement feedback on their learning.
  • provide explicit instruction in and development of vocabulary knowledge.
  • ensure all programming clearly links to syllabus outcomes and reflects whole-school scope and sequences.
  • reflect and evaluate our own teaching, identifying which parts of our teaching process worked most effectively.
  • participate in regular professional development opportunities to extend our understanding and knowledge.