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Latin club

Learn about the world of the ancient Romans through learning Latin - the language of Rome.

Are you interested in Roman myths and legends?

Keen to learn about daily life in a Roman town?

Interested in Pompeii?

Want to know what those Harry Potter spells really mean?

Come along and find out more at the Northurst Public School latin club.

The Northurst Public School latin club makes use of the minimus project textbook and webpages. For more information, visit minimus.

There is a weekly fee to participate which covers the cost of hiring a specialist latin tutor. Lessons take place every Friday at lunchtime.

Why learn latin?

Learning another language any other language is hugely beneficial for children of all ages. Language provides a window into another culture, teaching students to appreciate diversity and respect difference.

The benefits of language learning at a young age are widely recognised.

So why study Latin? Some reasons can include: 

  • latin lies at the root of many other languages including English. By knowing a bit of Latin, children can often guess at the meaning of a new word encountered in English. They also learn to enjoy playing around with their growing vocabulary. Children gain confidence in using English and can easily transition into other languages. Latin is proven to improve literacy skills at all levels.
  • kids love ancient Rome. The world of Ancient Rome is one which children often imaginatively access and fall in love with in their own reading, T.V., games etc. Latin gives kids another way into a world they already feel imaginatively a part of.
  • is Latin elitist? Absolutely not, in the UK the Iris project is taking Latin into some of the most deprived regions and offering it to some of the UK's most disadvantaged kids. They are learning and teaching literacy through Latin. For more information Iris project.

If you are interested in your child participating in Latin club, please contact the school office for a permission note.