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Green team

Green team is a group of children ranging from Year 2 through to 6 who meet weekly at lunchtimes with an interest in gardening and plants.

The aim of the group is to encourage children to learn about and care for their school's natural environment.

We have a newly established vegetable garden which will give the children the opportunity to learn how to grow their own vegetables. We are implementing a composting system to help reduce waste and provide compost for the school gardens.

From time to time we have a special visitor to the school to explain and demonstrate gardening techniques. The children also learn about native plants and introduced species. They learn how to identify and remove weeds. we are currently working with Hornsby council as part of the ready, set grow program.

We are learning how to grow plants from seeds in seed trays, then transplant them to an appropriate site when they are ready.

The children enjoy getting their hands dirty with all the activities we do. It is a requirement however, that they wear gardening gloves for safety reasons.